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Recital Tickets will go on sale on Sunday, April 21st at noon.  Tickets are $25 each with a processing fee. This year we are happy to announce that all families will receive an access code to digital copies of all videos of routines from all shows at no extra cost. You can then download all routines or just your dancer’s to store on your computer. We will email this link as soon as it’s provided to us by the videographer. Because this benefit is being provided, there will be absolutely no videoing or picture-taking allowed during the shows. This is a safety and privacy measure for all the children performing.  Those who violate this rule will be asked to leave the venue with no refund provided. A list of recital show assignments appears above.  Please check carefully to make sure you are purchasing tickets to the correct show(s). Despite our best efforts, sometimes dancers end up in more than one show. If you have to come to more than one show to see your dancers’ routines (routines that are competition routines do not count), please contact the studio for a promo code that will entitle you to 2 free tickets, the cost of which will be removed from your total purchase. If you have any issues with the Tututix website, or you accidentally order the wrong tickets, please contact Tututix directly.



Please arrive with your dancer dressed in their first (or only) costume of the show.  Arrive 30 minutes before showtime (please do NOT come earlier than this as we will be clearing out the preceding show). Parents should enter through Main Entrance North. Dancers should NOT go through this entrance and will not be able to get to their dressing rooms from this entrance.. Please bring them down street on the right side of the theatre to the stage door (will be marked with balloons). Due to the limited dressing room space, dancers will be escorted to their assigned dressing rooms by teachers and dressing room helpers. Parents will not be able to come to the dressing rooms. Each dressing room has an attendant to help with costume changes and all JDO teachers will be available to help as well. All those dancing should arrive in their full first costume. Extra costumes and shoes should be packed neatly in a bag or small case. Everything sent to the dressing rooms should be labeled with dancers names. Absolutely no dream duffels can be in the building. Racks areavailable to hang costumes. 

All families connected to the Creative Movement class and the Monday 5:15 ballet/tap class may send one parent to the side door outside after they have performed their final routine to pick up their dancer. You are welcome to watch the rest of the show or go home. If you stay, feel free to return your dancer to the side doors two numbers before the end of the show to participate in the finale. 

At the end of the show we ask that ONE parent wait at the side door where drop off was. We will escort dancers out to you in an organized way. Please be patient as not all kids will be coming out at once, and it will take time to get the kids off the stage from the finale and back in the dressings rooms, then packed up and brought out. No parents can enter the dressing rooms for pickup.



All dancers are required to stay for their entire show.  No “early dismissal” requests can be honored—the shows are very short and there will not be time to deal with dismissing students while we are running the show.  This should not be an issue as shows longer than 1.25 hours each.



Absolutely no food or drink (except water) can be brought into the dressing rooms or venue. We will have various food and drink concessions available to purchase at the show.



For non-competition students:  hair is “dancer’s choice”, with the exception of 1hr and 1.5hr ballet classes.  These classes will need their hair in a bun.  Tasteful make-up can be worn if desired, but is not required.


For competition students:  hair is low bun.  We do ask for comp make-up.

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