Recital Info


For those that have pre-ordered tickets, you must pick them up this week.

Tickets remain on sale at the studio with the following schedule:

Wednesday, June 9th:  4:30-8:30pm

Thursday, June 10th:  5:30-9:30pm


Tickets after Thursday will be available only at the door.  CASH ONLY for all ticket purchases.



Please arrive with your dancer dressed in their first (or only) costume of the show.  Arrive 30 minutes before showtime (please do NOT come earlier than this as we will be clearing out the preceding show).  All dancers (with ONE parent to alleviate crowding) should report to Theatre Lane (see map) and you will be directed to Rehearsal Hall dressing room or Below Stage dressing room (see dressing room assignments).  There is no access to dressing rooms from the venue—drop off dancers on Theatre Lane only.


The only non-dancers allowed in both dressing rooms are those Moms who have volunteered directly with us.  Once your dancer is in their dressing room, the next time you will see them is after the show.  For security and other reasons there is no “visiting” dressing rooms during the show.



All dancers are required to stay for their entire show.  No “early dismissal” requests can be honored—the shows are very short and there will not be time to deal with dismissing students while we are running the show.  This should not be an issue as show dates were communicated to all in September of 2020 and this year are much shorter—no longer than 1 hour each.



Absolutely no food or drink (except water) can be brought into the dressing rooms or venue.




Due to space constraints, no Dream Duffels or similar may be brought into the dressing rooms.  You may, however, line them up outside in the supervised alley and just bring in outfit(s) as needed.



Audience members who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear masks during the shows.  Unvaccinated individuals must wear a mask while in the building.


ALL dancers must wear a mask in the venue and the dressing rooms.  They WILL be able to remove their mask while performing.  Please send each dancer with a ziploc bag labelled with their first and last name to store their mask in while dancing.   Any dancer not comfortable with removing their mask to perform my wear a mask, please make sure the mask complements the costume(s) worn, i.e., black, white or nude.



For non-competition students:  hair is “dancer’s choice”, with the exception of 1hr and 1.5hr ballet classes.  These classes will need their hair in a bun.  Tasteful make-up can be worn if desired, but is not required.


For competition students:  hair is low pony (or bun for the teams who wore buns this season).  The French braiding is not required.  We do ask for comp make-up.



Below is a reminder of which dressing room your dancer is assigned to.  PLEASE take note of which dressing room you need to be in to alleviate confusion on recital day.


Only one parent may accompany each dancer to the dressing room to get set up.  Ten minutes before the show starts all parents will be cleared from the dressing room except those who have formally volunteered to be a room parent.



Photos and videos taken during the performances are strictly forbidden.  This is for safety and security reasons.  Audience members who do not follow this rule will be removed from the venue.  A professional videographer will be recording each show and you may purchase a USB drive of the edited show of your choice.  Go to to order your show(s).