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Audition Classes

In your email is a chart of audition invitations, by audition bib numbers.  The letters underneath the tap, jazz, hh, and contemporary columns represent what group you will be auditioning with during the week of August 8-12.  Groups are not necessarily the teams—these are the groups of dancers that the teachers wish to see together.  No discussions will be had regarding group placement as these decisions are final.


Cost for audition week

Audition classes and actual audition for:

1 team:   $ 70

2 teams: $135

3 teams: $190

4 teams: $235

5 teams: $275

6 teams or more: $300


*Payment for audition week is due at registration.  Please wait for us to adjust your total before paying.  Accounts unpaid on 8/8/22 will be charged the payment method on file.


Because the dates for the 2022-2023 audition week were emailed to all team members in September of 2021, and these dates have remained pinned to the top of our 2021-2022 JDO Competition Team FB group since then, attendance is mandatory at all practices/actual auditions listed for those wishing to make a 2022-23 team. Notices regarding making of teams will be sent as soon as possible after auditions, after teachers have completed their evaluations. We are aware that all will be anxious for the results and we will send them in as timely a manner as possible, but with 75+ dancers participating, it will take some time. 

Dancers should come each night professionally attired—put your best foot forward! Hair pulled back into a neat ponytail or bun and sprayed. Solid, dark-colored leotard and tights. Form-fitting, stretchy, plain shorts or capris may be worn over leos. Proper footwear: tap shoes to tap auditions, jazz shoes for jazz auditions, hip hop sneakers for hip hop auditions (absolutely no street shoes may be used, also no sneakers that have been part of a costume—proper dance sneakers only), contemporary Pirouette shoes or non-slip socks only for contemporary auditions.


Please arrive on-time for every class. Teachers will be starting classes promptly and lateness will be noted. The studio will open at 4:30pm each day for anyone that wants to come early and warm-up/rehearse. Every night there will be a least one room available for those who want to practice. See the schedule above to determine which room is not being used at a particular time.Please send your dancer with a labelled water bottle.  Water will also be available to purchase, as well as some snacks.


Dancers will not need to wear numbers for auditions. It is our intention to include a tentative competition schedule in the acceptance emails, so if anyone has a known conflict for the spring/early summer, please send it in. The only conflicts we can attempt to work around are: your child’s communion, a family wedding, junior and senior trips and proms. We are only asking for 5 weekends from March-May for regionals and one week in late-June to mid-July for Nationals, so we ask that you please do not make any vacation plans until we can get a schedule confirmed.


We are requiring that all dancers leave their phones in their dance bags in the lobby area during instructional time.  Phones have become a big distraction in dance classes.  Please go over this rule with your dancer.  At the end of each class teachers will video the dancers and will email to participants so any dancer can practice at home if they wish.  


IMPORTANT NOTE:  if you have a balance due from the 2021-2022 season or intensive, you MUST take care of it BEFORE being able to participate in auditions.  JDO cannot continue to carry balances for anyone.


We all look forward to seeing you August 8-12!


Jamie, Susan, Lexxi, Shannon, Schuyler, & Katie

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