2021-2022 Schedule

Below is our  2021-2022 schedule. You can use this to pick out your classes or to get a general idea. We can also help you pick out your classes at the studio. As classes fill up, more will be added. Classes are subject to change.

Creative Movement (Ages 2-3)
Wednesday 5:00-5:45 with Miss Katie 


Ballet/Tap Combo
Monday 5:15-6:15 with Miss Michelle  (Ages 3-4)  
4 Spots Left!
Tuesday 5:15-6:15 with Miss Katie (Ages 4-5)


Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo
Monday 6:15-7:45 with Miss Michelle (Ages 6-7)  2 Spots Left!
Wednesday 5:45-7:15 with Miss Katie (Ages 4-5) 
Thursday 6:15-7:45 with Miss Michelle (Ages 5-7) 

African Dance

Wednesday 5:15-6:15 with Miss Terri (Ages 8-10) 
Wednesday 6:15-7:15 with Miss Terri (Ages 11&up) 


Tuesday 6:15-7:15 with Miss Mia (Ages 7-9) 1 Spot Left!
Tuesday 8:15-9:15 with Miss Lexxi (Ages 10&up) 
Wednesday 5:15-6:15 (Ages 4.5-6) 

Wednesday 7:15-8:15 with Miss Katie (Ages 11&up)

Thursday 5:15-6:15 with Miss Mia (Ages 6.5-8)

Thursday 6:15-7:15 with Miss Mia (Ages 4.5-6) 1 Spot Left!
Thursday 7:15-8:15 with Miss Mia (Ages 8-10) New!


Special Needs Hip-Hop


Thursday 5:15-6:15 with Miss Joann (Ages 5-7) 

Thursday 6:15-7:15 with Miss Joann (Ages 8-10)  3 Spots Left!
Thursday 7:15-8:15 with Miss Joann (Ages 11&up) 


Tuesday 5:15-6:15 with Miss Mia (Ages 7-9) 
Wednesday 5:15-6:15 with Miss Schuyler (Ages 10&up)  


Monday 7:15-8:15 with Miss Katie (Ages 7&up) 


Monday 5:15-6:15 with Miss Shannon (Ages 13&up) New!

Monday 6:15-7:15 with Miss Katie (Ages 7-9)  2 Spots Left!
Tuesday 7:15-8:15 with Miss Katie (Ages 10&up) 3 Spots Left!


Musical Theatre
Tuesday 7:15-8:15 with Miss Kiera (Age 7-9)  4 Spots Left!

Tuesday 5:15-6:15 with Miss Kiera (Ages 10&up)  4 Spots Left!
Tuesday 6:15-7:15 with Miss Kiera (Ages 13&up) New!


Ballet II Monday 5:00-6:15 with Miss Abby 1 Spot Left!
Ballet/Pointe I Monday 6:15-7:45 with Miss Abby

Ballet/Pointe II Monday 7:45-9:15 with Miss Abby
Tuesday 6:15-7:15 with Miss Katie (Ages 7&up) 

Company Classes


Cardinals Tap Monday 5:15-6:15

Ravens Tap Wednesday 6:15-7:15

Rams Tap Thursday 5:15-6:15

Buccaneers Tap Wednesday 7:15-8:15

Chargers Tap Tuesday 8:15-9:15


Eagles Hip-Hop Thursday 5:15-6:15

Colts Hip-Hop Thursday 6:15-7:15

Jets Hip-Hop Tuesday 5:15-6:15

Broncos Hip-Hop Tuesday 6:15-7:15

Panthers Hip-Hop Tuesday 7:15-8:15


Raiders Jazz Wednesday 7:15-8:15

Jaguars Jazz Wednesday 8:15-9:15

Bears Jazz Thursday  7:15-9:15


Saints Contemporary Monday 6:15-7:45

Dolphins Monday 7:45-9:15